Our Guiding Principles


   To hold and uphold unconditional

     positive regard for all families. 


    Proactive and practical solutions

       help families save and thrive. 


 A solution-focused mindset ignites

  and perpetuates positive change. 

Our approach


Step 1: Discover your family's needs, strengths and vision

Losing hope or direction in the mist of the many paths to family wellness comes easily when facing family challenges. Your Family Wellness Coach will get to know you and help you put your existing strengths and needs into perspective and towards the changes you hope to see within your family.


Step 2: Design your Family Pathways road map to success

 With so much information out there, it can be hard to  decide what strategies will fit your unique circumstances. This is why we use evidence-based standardized assessment tools and follow rigorous methods in parenting  coaching to formulate with you an action plan towards clearly identified, achievable and most of all personally relevant goals.  .


Step 3: Journey with your family along your chosen path

 As you and your family decide on your chosen pathway to your family vision, your Family Wellness Coach meets with you weekly  or on demand to provide strategies, feedback and regular update summaries. This enables you and your family to stay focused on your desired outcomes, maintain a solution-focused mindset, and make any necessary adjustments to maximize your family's success.