who we are

At Family Pathways, we are simply passionate about families. We know that the paths to family wellness can be full of twists and turns.  

  • Unexpected changes in your professional demands or a parent's regular absences from home can make it hard to maintain family traditions and connections

  • Your child's school is reporting  puzzling behavioural or social challenges for your child and is looking for answers with you

  •  Changes to your family's structure can be challenging for children to adapt to yet families of all compositions all yearn for love and kindness

We combine years of experience supporting families of Calgary greater area in their homes, children in schools,  and working together with families and children in their local neighbourhoods. And all of this experience lead us to this firm belief that raising a child and caring for a family is the most beautiful and fulfilling experience in a lifetime. You are the parent, you know best, and with the right kind of help when you need it on your journey, you absolutely can remain the expert of your family's wellness.